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Exploring the Great Outdoors: An In-Depth Review of the inTech RV Flyer Explore

Updated: Jun 9

intech rv flyer explore
inTech Flyer Explore

Introduction: Discover the Compact Wonder of inTech Flyer Explore

The Intech RV Flyer Explore is a compact and rugged travel trailer designed for adventure enthusiasts who crave exploration without compromising on comfort. With its lightweight construction and off-road capabilities, the Flyer Explore is built to tackle various terrains while providing a cozy and functional living space. In this review, we'll explore the key features and highlights of the Intech RV Flyer Explore.

Thank you for checking out Bee Free Outdoors review of the inTech Flyer Explore. We purchased our inTech RV Flyer Explore in March of 2020, right at the start of COVID. We loved this cozy, no frills, ultra-light weight camper. We traveled to several state parks throughout our state, and neighboring states, and even took a trip to South Dakota.

Design and Construction: Built to Conquer

This Flyer Explore suited all of our needs. We didn't want to mess with plumbing and winterization, grey and black tanks, not be able to fit into tight spaces or travel off road, we wanted a camper that is easy and light weight to haul. We wanted the essentials, which is what this camper offers. A bed, plenty of storage room, a propane stove, an iceless Dometic cooler, AC and heat, and a ramp door to make it super easy to load all of our gear.

inTech RV makes high quality aluminum cage framed campers. Our Flyer Explore had the adventure package, so we had a roof rack, off road tires, 2" lift, and the slide out kitchen. These campers have a gross vehicle weight rating of under 3,000 pounds so you can haul with numerous vehicles that support the towing capacity. These campers come prepped for solar and have a 30amp shore power as well. Maxx Air vent fan that really moves air around the camper. We had the Rhino Rack batwing 270° awning. It was nice but a pain to set up. LED lighting Bluetooth radio with 2 speakers, black coin flooring with tiedown rings. You can't fit a side-by-side UTV in this model. You would need to check out the Discover model from inTech to haul a side-by-side UTV.

Check out inTech website they have done some upgrades on the 2023 model year. Some of the upgrades include freshwater system, optional LP furnace as opposed to a heat strip. The inTech community is awesome. There is a huge following of inTech owners and Facebook pages where people show off their modifications they have completed. These campers are very customizable, and people complete various modifications with outdoor showers, cabinets, solar, bed extensions, bunk beds, etc.

Pros and Cons of inTech RV Flyer Explore


Durable aluminum cage framed camper

Ultra-light weight

Can haul with vehicles that have lesser towing capacity.

Off road tires

Option of being lifted to give more ground clearance.

Ramp door for easy access loading gear

Customization and modification friendly

Easy to clean black coin flooring with tiedowns.

Prepped for solar.

Carpeted side walls, roof, and front wall that allowed for Velcro to hold fishing poles, park patches etc.


No toilet on board. A con to some and a pro to others

Prior to 2023, no built-in freshwater storage

Slide out kitchen had a recall to add an extra locking mechanism so didn't open during travel.

Roof height might be a bit challenging if you are a taller person. Interior height 66"

Extremely challenging to load items on roof rack due to height.

Final Thoughts: Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

The Intech RV Flyer Explore is an excellent option for adventure enthusiasts seeking a compact and versatile travel trailer. Its durable construction, off-road capabilities, and well-designed interior make it a comfortable and functional companion for outdoor adventures. While it may not offer the spaciousness of larger RVs, it more than makes up for it with its agility and versatility.

We truly enjoy the inTech Flyer Explore and have put many miles on it with zero complaints. As a family of three we had plenty of room and stayed warm when it was cold and enjoyed the AC in the heat of summer. You could enjoy a nice breeze with the window opened and the Maxxair fan on. For off the grid applications we would plug in to our Cummins Onan 4500 and enjoy our Dometic AC or heat.

The bed was comfortable, we added a 3" Linenspa Full XL memory foam mattress topper we purchased off Amazon to the existing mattress.

Overall, the Flyer Explore offers a comfortable and well-equipped living space while allowing you to go off the beaten path and explore nature's wonders. If you're looking for a compact and adventure-ready travel trailer, the Intech RV Flyer Explore is definitely worth considering.

If the Flyer Explore does meet your requirements check out some of their other models from the inTech website.

intech rv flyer explore in south dakota
inTech Flyer in Badlands SD

inside intech flyer explore
Inside InTech RV Flyer Explore


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