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Introducing the Bubba Ultra Knife Sharpener: Restore Your Blades to Peak Performance.


Non-slip base. Utilizes a 400 and 180 grit water stone system. Fish hook sharpener. 26 degree utility sharpening angle. 19 degree fillet sharpening angle. Thumb/finger pads. Red polymer grip. Integrated sharpener sheath for easy storage. Black nylon sheath.


Key Features:

  • Professional-Grade Sharpening: The Bubba Ultra Knife Sharpener is designed to provide professional-quality sharpening results at home. It's suitable for a wide range of knife types, from kitchen knives to outdoor blades.

  • Precision Angles: The sharpening slots are set at optimal angles to ensure a precise and consistent sharpening experience. This helps maintain the correct bevel angle for various knife styles.

  • Non-Slip Base: The sharpener includes a non-slip base, ensuring stability during use and enhancing safety.


Why Choose the Bubba Ultra Knife Sharpener:

The Bubba Ultra Knife Sharpener is the solution to keeping your blades in peak condition. Whether you're a professional chef or an outdoor enthusiast, this sharpener is a must-have tool to maintain the sharpness and effectiveness of your knives.


Restore and maintain your knife's sharpness with the Bubba Ultra Knife Sharpener. Order yours today and enjoy precision sharpening at your fingertips.

Bubba Ultra Knife Sharpener

SKU: 146
Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Red
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