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Introducing the Gerber Randy Newberg EBS Hunting Knife – a collaboration between Gerber and renowned hunter Randy Newberg, designed for those who seek excellence in the field. This purpose-built hunting knife embodies the expertise of a seasoned hunter and the precision engineering of Gerber, delivering a reliable and versatile tool for all your hunting adventures.


Black and orange rubberized polypropylene handle. 5" handle. Durable and reusable 440 stainless blades (Task blade, Backstrap blade, Serrated Breakdown blade). Split Sec Tec tool-less blade replacement with push button release. Retro-reflective handle material. Quiet carry blade box. 


Key Features:

  • Exchangeable Blade System (EBS): The EBS system allows for quick and tool-less blade changes, ensuring you have the right blade for the task at hand. Swap between various blades to accommodate different cutting needs during your hunting expedition.

  • High-Quality Steel Blades: The Gerber Randy Newberg EBS comes with razor-sharp blades crafted from high-quality steel. Whether it's field dressing, skinning, or boning, these blades are designed to maintain their edge and perform with efficiency.

  • Rubberized Handle: The handle is crafted from durable, rubberized material, providing a secure and comfortable grip even in wet or slippery conditions. The ergonomic design ensures a reliable hold, allowing for extended use without hand fatigue.

  • Collaborative Design: Developed in collaboration with Randy Newberg, a respected and experienced hunter, this knife reflects the insights and preferences of someone who understands the demands of the field.

  • Item Number: G3856

Gerber Randy Newberg EBS Hunting Knife

SKU: 194
Excluding Sales Tax
Color: Neon Orange
    • 440C exchangeable blade shapes for backstrap, caping/breakdown, and multi-purpose
    • Handle nests to box for minimal footprint
    • Improved Split Sec™ Tech
    • Retroflective material for night locating
    • Lightweight skeletonized construction
    • Hand-hugging ergonomics
    • Quiet carry box
    • Limited lifetime warranty
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