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Introducing the KPL Knife Pivot Lube Knife Maintenance Kit, the ultimate solution for keeping your knives in peak condition. Designed for enthusiasts and collectors alike, this comprehensive maintenance kit includes everything you need to ensure smooth, reliable performance and extend the life of your favorite blades.


Includes: Knife pivot lube; Microfiber cleaning cloth; VibraTite medium removable thread locker; (15) ultra-fine microfiber detailing swabs; Die-cut logo sticker.


Enhanced Performance with KPL Pivot Lube: At the heart of the kit is the renowned KPL Knife Pivot Lube, specially formulated to reduce friction and wear on knife pivots. With its advanced synthetic formula, KPL provides long-lasting lubrication, ensuring smoother and more consistent blade deployment with every flick of the wrist.


Comprehensive Maintenance Tools: In addition to KPL Pivot Lube, the maintenance kit includes, Precision Cleaning Swabs, Vibra-Tite Threadlocker Liquid, Soft Microfiber Cloth, this kit has everything you need to clean, lubricate, and maintain your knives with ease.


Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of knife materials and finishes, including steel, titanium, and carbon fiber, KPL Knife Pivot Lube is suitable for use on all types of folding knives. Whether you're maintaining budget-friendly EDC blades or high-end collector pieces, KPL ensures optimal performance and longevity for your knives.


Trusted by Enthusiasts: Trusted by knife enthusiasts and collectors around the world, KPL Knife Pivot Lube has earned a reputation for excellence in the knife community. With its proven performance and unparalleled reliability, KPL is the lubricant of choice for those who demand the best from their knives.


Elevate Your Knife Maintenance: Whether you're a seasoned collector, avid enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates a well-maintained blade, the KPL Knife Pivot Lube Knife Maintenance Kit is the perfect tool for ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your knives. Upgrade your knife maintenance routine with KPL and experience the difference for yourself.

KPL Knife Pivot Lube Knife Maintenance Kit

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