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3.88" overall. OC pepper and UV dye formula. Up to 25 bursts. Stream spray pattern with up to 10 foot range. Keyring. Flip top design. Color: Black. 


Introducing the Sabre Keyring Pepper Spray – your compact and powerful personal safety companion. Crafted by Sabre, a trusted name in self-defense, this keyring pepper spray is designed for individuals who prioritize security and seek a discreet yet effective means of protection.


Compact and easily concealable, this keyring pepper spray is attached to a keychain for convenient access, ensuring you're always prepared to defend yourself. With a potent formula that includes a maximum strength OC spray, UV marking dye, and a powerful ballistic stream delivery, Sabre provides a reliable and effective tool to deter and incapacitate potential threats.


The quick-release design allows for swift and easy deployment, ensuring you can react in seconds when needed most. The compact size and lightweight construction make it an ideal addition to your everyday carry essentials, whether attached to your keys, purse, or backpack.

Item # SA10694

Sabre Keyring Pepper Spray

SKU: 0027
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Color: Black
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